Google-Nevada-Autonomous-LicenseIt looks like Google's self-driving Prii will be dealt their final hands at the Bellagio before heading over to California. After legally hitting the roads in Nevada, the California Senate has passed a bill allowing autonomous vehicles to be tested and operated on California roads.

The bill, passed unanimously, outlines safety and performance standards for autonomous vehicles in California. Senator Alex Padilla feels the same way Google does about autonomous technology:

"Human error is the cause of almost every accident on the road today. If autonomous technology can reduce the number of accidents, then we also reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on California's roads," Padilla said. "For me this is a matter of safety."

Smarter machines or smarter humans? It's obvious that our government is vested in the former. But Padilla also believes that autonomous cars will be more efficient regarding gas mileage, emissions and intelligent via interconnected traffic communication between cars.

Although the bill has to pass through the Assembly next month, it's highly likely that California will be the second state to approve testing and operation of autonomous cars. Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma are also rumored to show interest in the technology.

[Via: LA Times]