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First Google Fit, next Google "Auto Link." According to AutoNews, Google has plans to unveil its own in-car solution at Google I/O later this month. Not at all surprising given Apple is also showing intense interest in your dashboard.

AutoNews claims Google's solution will differ in that it will "project" data from Android onto a car's dashboard screen rather than integrating with existing systems. Like CarPlay, Google users will be able to control the experience with their car's dials and buttons, giving them full control without needing to touch their phone. Google is said to have plans to detail the system at I/O at the end of June, though no partners will be announced.

Earlier this year, Google launched an Android-based Open Automotive Alliance with Audi, Hyundai, Honda, GM and NVIDIA, and this appears to be the first major product to emerge from that project. Auto Link is expected to be available for drivers sometime this year, so now would definitely be a good time to detail what the system has to offer.

Meanwhile, Apple has its own in-car solution, CarPlay, with a number of partners already lined up. We actually caught a glimpse of Apple's system in action a few months back, and really like where things were headed, so Google certainly has some work to do if it wants to keep up.