moto x digital tattoo

Bored with unlocking your Android phone with a PIN code or simple pattern? Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) and VivaLnk Inc. thinks companies can do better, so the two have come up with a rather odd solution that we secretly want to see become a more prominent fixture going forward. I mean, come on, it seems so futuristic, does it not?

Instead of fumbling with the usual unlocking methods, the new partnership has brought upon a digital tattoo that will unlock your Moto X with a simple touch—no passwords required. This is assuming you don’t mind having a nickel-sized temporary tattoo stuck to your body for days at a time. If you have no issue, then Motorola says the tattoo is capable of lasting about five days, and can survive through your typical daily routine (showering, swimming and other physical activities).

The point is to make your phone easier to unlock. Deepak Chandra, project lead at Google’s ATAP, bellyaches about current unlocking methods, and says it just takes too much effort. That’s debatable, especially when some phones today offer fingerprint technology that bypasses the typical secure lock screen. But the digital tattoo, however, does the very same thing through NFC, all while keeping your device secure.

“An average user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this about 39 times a day—a process that some people find so inconvenient that they do not lock their phones at all,” Motorola wrote on its blog.

Through VivaLnk, Moto X users can purchase digital tattoos in packs of 10, which should be enough to get you through a few months. Just think of all that time you’d save each day. Just don’t be surprised if you get any weird looks while using these temporary tattoos.