Despite previous rumors pointing to a single flagship, the Motorola/Google X Phone project will reportedly offer consumers "build-to-order" devices. According to Android and Me, one of these devices—which we already saw leaked—could hit as early as July, and carry a retail price of $199 off-contract.

Google and Motorola are allegedly focused on creating devices that can connect to other Google devices, such as Glass and possibly even a Google Watch. "We are told more [accessories] are in the works," Android and Me said. The project's focus isn't so much on trailblazing specs and software gimmicks as it is on affordability and customization.

That device we already saw leaked, which had a red Motorola button on the rear shell, will supposedly have a touch sensitive area on the back. "Google has something special in store for this device," Android and Me explained. When you press the button, you'll allegedly be able to launch commands, similar to what Motorola has introduced in the past.

The prospect of choosing the hardware to your tastes off-contract with the latest software is certainly enticing. Not every X Phone would be the same, and they'd (presumably) have a unique relationship with other Google products. This rumor gets more interesting by the way.