Google's Astro Teller, or "Captain of Moonshots," revealed to a SXSW crowd that the company's secretive Google X lab is ready to announce a discovery in the coming month. This is the same lab that turned driverless cars and Glass concepts into reality. While most science fiction ideas largely exist in Hollywood folklore, the Google X lab is churning out real world projects that bare the potential to change humanity.

According to Teller, Google X works on the idea of "moonshot thinking"—overcoming society's prescriptions for caution and embracing both audacious ideas and failures. So, essentially, not being afraid to think way, way outside of the box. The more outlandish the better.

Google X winds up generating hundreds of ideas every year, Teller shared, but only one or two turn into real world products. Ideas include something as simple as the blue dot on Google Maps to show a user where they are inside a building, to a wearable computer on your face. The scope varies wildly, but the focus is the same.

What will Google X announce in the next 30 days? Judging by the history of the group, there's absolutely no way of knowing. A self-drying jacket? A hoverboard? A time machine?