A possible AnTuTu benchmark of Motorola’s upcoming X Phone has appeared online, and it includes a mention of Android 5.0, thought to be Key Lime Pie. The score itself is on the lower end, 15479, possibly indicating the power of Motorola’s unannounced flagship, or the lack thereof. Or, you know, it could indicate absolutely nothing.

Scores and listings can easily be faked, so it’s best not to take this possible leak at face value. Rumors surrounding the X Phone have, quite frankly, been unpredictable with all the varying reports—a single flagship, build-to-order, multiple color choices, etc. And, besides, benchmarks aren’t always accurate representations of the overall smartphone experience.

It’s possible we won’t see any significant flagships announced at this year’s I/O event, according to recent murmurs. Benchmarks would suggest some sort of Google X device is being tested by some lucky individual. But it’s getting harder and harder to tell what an actual Google X device really is.