Samsung's Android dominance is growing so immense that Google is apparently worried the Korean company's success could become a detriment to the platform. You would think Google would be ecstatic Android is in every corner of the planet—in large part thanks to Samsung—and it is. But when a company like Samsung becomes so big and popular, it becomes hard for other OEMs to compete. And that could lead to problems down the road.

It may seem like a good problem to have, but imagine competitors like HTC, or LG, or Asus all distancing themselves from Android. Imagine Samsung becoming so huge where the scenario becomes one where Google needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Google. What if Samsung wanted to fork Android, and eliminate all Google/Android branding, the way Amazon does?

With the Galaxy S IV coming out and the Galaxy Note III likely to follow soon after, Samsung is only going to get bigger. Really, in the Android marketplace right now, the company has no equal, at least as far as marketshare is concerned. It's somewhat of a catch-22. But Google has a plan: the Motorola X Phone. The Wall Street Journal says this is Google's attempt to put a dent into Samsung's indestructible armor.

It's ironic really. Google certainly wants its platform to do well. But Samsung has become so successful that Google actually has to find a way to slow the Korean company down. Whether a Motorola X Phone will do the trick remains to be seen.