Google recently filed for a patent that suggests it is working on creating motion controls for Android. This could allow a user, in theory, to interact with his or her Android device using gestures, much like one currently interacts with Microsoft's Kinect. CBS originally found the patent filing, which describes the product in the following manner:

A method of controlling a portable electronic device including an image capturing device, the method comprising: detecting, via the image capturing device, motions of an object over the image capturing device; determining a type of the detected motions using timing information related to the detected motions, the timing information comprising duration of at least one of the detected motions; and controlling the portable electronic device based on the determined motion type.

The "image capturing device" described above would no doubt be a camera used for identifying a user's motions. We're imagining that Google would use this in a much bigger Android-powered device, such as an Android-powered Google TV or set-top box. Gesture controls on a phone would be pretty silly, we think, but who knows?

[via CBS]