Google has confirmed that its existing Pixel lineup will get guaranteed Android updates — but only until October 2018. Users can expect their smartphones to get the latest software for at least two years since the Pixel’s initial debut, but there’s no telling if it will be supported beyond that.

One of the best things about buying a Pixel smartphone is that they’re first in line for Google’s latest Android upgrades. But like every Android device, they will only be updated for so long. Google, like many others, promises updates for at least two years, followed by an additional 12 months of security patches. But it will not promise Android version upgrades beyond that.

A recently-published Google support page confirms the existing Pixel and Pixel XL devices will receive the latest versions of Android until October 2018, and new security patches until October 2019. If you want guaranteed Android upgrades beyond that, you’ll need to buy a newer Pixel smartphone. Google is expected to announce the Pixel 2 lineup this fall.

This is common practice among Android vendors, so it’s not as if Google is leaving Pixel owners out in the cold prematurely. In fact, some manufacturers will cease supporting their devices even earlier, so two years of guaranteed releases isn’t bad. And it’s nice to know you’ll be getting the latest versions of Android — including Android O and Android P — for well over a year from now.