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Google's earlier efforts to launch its own wireless network may have fallen flat, but it looks like the company could finally pull it off in 2015. Following previous rumors that the Mountain View company would team up with Sprint and T-Mobile to offer its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), a new report from The Wall Street Journal claims Google's service could be available nationwide by June.

The search giant reportedly hopes to launch in the first half of 2015, offering a patchwork of cellular service from Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi hotspots depending on the situation and location. WSJ adds that Google has already inked deals with both carriers, though that doesn't mean its plans still can't be delayed.

The real question is how much Google will charge, since offering cut-throat prices could help push down costs across the entire industry. For now, Google may simply be looking to strengthen its grip on the mobile market, but that might change down the line.

Imagine you're using Google's wireless service and you need a connection in a new city. The company could quickly compare prices between Sprint and T-Mobile, picking the cheaper option for you and subsequently pressuring both carriers to lower their prices.

Of course, Google will need to build a massive user base first before it can have a real impact, but that probably won't be an issue if the firm can really pull this off.