E3 2014 Twitch logo

Google has reportedly acquired popular streaming service Twitch for a cool $1 billion. The rumor first cropped up back in May, saying the two had come to preliminary terms. Today's news would mean Google pretty much owns an unstoppable Internet video force, with the ever-present YouTube already under its belt.

There are many reasons why a video platform would want another video platform. For one, Twitch has quickly become a huge source for Internet traffic, with over 12 million unique viewers during E3 alone; Sandvine data from March, as pointed out by Venture Beat, said the live streaming service allegedly accounted for 1.35-percent of all Internet traffic. That's just the tip of the iceberg, too. The biggest draw from Google's perspective might be Twitch's huge gaming community; YouTube already has a pretty large gaming community in its own right, but it could grow to legendary status with the help of Twitch.

As Joey said when news of Google's interest first hit: Twitch is more about community rather than gameplay. If that ethos is integrated into Twitch, it could blossom into one beautiful marriage. And it won't just be gamers that benefit from a greater Twitch presence; there could be many other markets that get involved, (hopefully) harboring a more harmonious video landscape. However, gaming will likely be the centerpiece; just look at the interest surround the recent Dota 2 tournament, which aired on ESPN.

The full details of the deal haven't yet been announced, but Venture Beat claims it's all but a done deal. With 50 million monthly active users—active being the key term—all that traffic will now go directly to YouTube and Google; it's easy to see why the search giant would be so interested.