For instance, if you want to cut your kid’s internet access while they focus on homework, Scheduled Pause will let do that. You can also choose the amount of time you want your internet outage to last for. Google said turning the internet off right before bedtime may help you sleep because you won’t be mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Maybe if you’re particularly nefarious, you can cut internet access during a party.

Who is this meant for?

Scheduled Pause is mostly aimed at limiting internet access in homes with kids. Google’s Product Manager Edith Chao said she first stumbled upon the idea for Scheduled Pause when she tried to limit her phone usage at night. It’s a neat concept that could theoretically lead to less time on your phone and more time on other important aspects of life, like family or reading a book.

Google Wifi isn’t the first router to do this. Other wireless router companies such as Eero already offer similar customizability with their products.