Children are among the most active users on the internet, but not everything is appropriate for them. A solution from Google is rolling out now but you’ll only benefit if you own Google Wifi.

Google continues creating more value for its router. When it launched, Google Wifi was looked at as a simple way to set up and manage a wide-reaching WiFi network for countless devices. Since then the company has spent a lot of time perfecting the technology behind the mesh network and improving the companion app’s usefulness. Over time, Google Wifi has become a pretty robust router that’s easy to understand.

The latest feature, Site Blocking, prevents adult content from being displayed in front of children’s eyes.

As is everything else about Google Wifi, Site Blocking is straightforward. It’s a simple toggle for each user that, when activated, “automatically blocks millions of websites with adult content” on their devices. Google does warn, however, that it’s impossible to block 100% of inappropriate sites. So adults will still need to do a bit of monitoring.

More than 8 million non-kid-friendly websites are confirmed to be blocked already.

The technology backing Site Blocking comes from Safe Search and Safe Browsing, which quietly protects over 3 billion devices around the world. Google is able to filter search results and provide warnings before viewing risky pages. With the list of adult content growing all the time, Site Blocking will update in real-time to try to prevent mishaps.

Site Blocking should be live on all units within 24 hours.