Free Wi-Fi

Tired of all the steps it takes to log in to free Wi-Fi at Starbucks? Google may have a solution in the works for you.

According to a new report from Engadget, Google is in the midst of testing new apps for both Android and iOS that would automatically log you into free Wi-Fi hotspots. Specifically this is being aimed at the 7,000 Starbucks locations that Google is set to take over as the Internet provider for. There is also a possibility that it would work with Boingo locations where Google is sponsoring free Internet from time to time.

Security is immediately what comes to mind when you think of your device just logging into Wi-Fi hotspots without your direct interaction. Apparently Google has thought of this as well and the app would install a security certificate on your device that would authenticate the locations before it would make the connection.

There is also a possibility that Google could use this for citywide Wi-Fi that it sponsors. It is currently looking into the possibility of upgrading the Mountain View hotspots which has buckled under the pressure of so many devices accessing it, as well as some rumors that the company may try to roll out similar services in cities where it has installed its Google Fiber service. For now, however, that is just rumor and would rely on the cities agreeing to plans drawn up by the search giant.

According to the report the app is currently undergoing testing on the Google campus in Mountain View, but there is no guarantee that it will ever be released to the public. As someone who frequently uses Starbuck’s Wi-Fi spots while traveling, I am definitely hopeful that it will.