Fancy yourself a Web designer, but don't know how to get started? Learning to code is like learning a completely new language; if you just need something quick and easy, not everybody has the time to invest in learning HTML. Thankfully, Google has introduced a new project, Google Web Designer, that promises to make building beautiful HTML5 content easier.

Available in beta as a free download, the Web Designer tool is targeted at both seasoned vets and complete amateurs looking to improve their Internet skills. The application itself allows users to create interactive experiences that are compatible on any device (desktop or mobile), meaning a lot of the R&D is taken out of the equation. The application's landing page says HTML5 and CSS3 is all handled by Web Designer itself, allowing users to focus solely on how a page looks. Or, if you prefer, you can tweak the code yourself if you actually know what you're doing.

In addition to acting almost as a What You See Is What You Get experience, Web Designer packs some neat features, such as two animation modes, full 3D authoring environment, illustration tools and even an easy ad workflow. Creating a beautiful website is no easy feat, and actually learning how to do so is a very daunting task. Web Designer aims to make everything more accessible, even if you've never coded in your life.

If you hit the source link, you can see some of the animations Web Designer is capable of, among other things.