If you have a gripe with the Pixel’s software, your feedback could be crucial to what is, and isn’t, fixed in upcoming updates.

The team responsible for the Pixel’s software and settings took to Reddit this week to solicit feedback from the Pixel community, asking users what they wanted to see changed and why.

“We’re trying to collect feedback about configuring your Pixel phone—what are pain points you have with managing, toggling, or discovering settings?” the search giant said on Reddit.

The goal of Google’s crowdsourcing is to improve the Pixel experience based on real-world feedback, providing the community with a tighter, more immersive experience.

As of this writing, there are over thousands of comments in the thread, with several of the top comments suggesting features like improved autorotation, the ability for Pixel phones to ignore the “Ok Google” wake word when a Google Home is around, and more.

According to Google, it doesn’t have any features or products plans to announce right now, but the search giant promises some of the feedback could be incorporated into a future release.

“For any pain points or feedback you have, it would also be great if you could explain as much as you can about your context and why it is a pain point,” Google said. “For instance, if there’s a setting you toggle 20 times a day, explain the scenarios where you need to manage the setting. This will help us better understand how to address the problem.”

Google is expected to unveil Android P this spring, with new Pixel phones to be released in the fall.