By all accounts Android is a huge success, running on over 80 percent of all mobile devices, but apparently that still isn’t enough for Google. The Information reports that the company has a plan to tighten its grip over your smartphone with a new streaming service that could replace traditional apps.

Google’s new strategy may have kicked off in secret last year when the company acquired Agawi, a startup focused on streaming in mobile Web browsers. TechCrunch was able to confirm the deal, and notes that at least three employees of the shuttered firm now work at Google, including one co-founder.

Before the buyout, Agawi also helped NVIDIA launch its GRID service, which lets you stream complex games over the web. It’s possible Google could be planning to do something similar with mobile apps. If it succeeds, the company could have access to all that information which was previously walled off within specific applications.

The new service could also be a nice perk for regular smartphone owners. Instead of downloading a new app you could simply try it in your browser, potentially saving time and storage space all at once. We assume regular old native apps will still be an option as well.