Although Google is already working on Project Loon, the search giant is reportedly looking to invest in Elon Musk’s vision for satellite Internet. The famous SpaceX CEO last week detailed a $10 billion plan to build out an army of Wi-Fi-beaming satellites over the next five years, and Google is allegedly going to provide Musk with a lot of the dough to make that happen.

Musk’s vision will include several hundred satellites orbiting Earth at a height of 750 miles, providing better and faster coverage to rural areas (and populated spots, too). If the proper plan and infrastructure is implemented, Musk’s Internet satellites could potentially provide fiber-like speeds, giving you access to the World Wide Web seemingly anywhere on Earth. If Google is looking to invest, the company obviously has faith in Musk’s ability to follow through with projects; SpaceX already has experience with sending rockets to space, so Internet satellites would probably be a cake walk.

Google has its own Wi-Fi balloons to worry about, of course, but by investing in the competition, the search giant could gain an important ally for data once/if these satellites go live. Once Musk’s space Internet program does get off the ground, the Space X CEO has already said these satellites could stretch a connection all the way to Mars. It just proves that no matter what you do, you’re never truly off the grid—even on a different planet.