Google’s data-crunching power makes everything better. At least that’s the approach the company takes to most industries, and when it comes to car insurance that seems like a fair bet.

The search giant is rolling out a new service in California today that’s designed to help you find the best car insurance deal possible. The entire process is as simple as possible. Just start searching for car insurance on your phone or computer and Google will recognize what you’re doing and pull up the relevant information in neat little cards. You can also head to the official website (link below) and fill out your personal info for the most accurate results.

Once you’ve found the right car insurance, you’ll be able to finish your purchase online or over the phone. Overall, it sounds like a pretty great way to deal with what can otherwise be a tricky process.

For now, Google’s new service is limited to California, but the company says it’s expanding to other states soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s available across the entire U.S., though that may depend on how quickly Google can convince local insurance providers to sign up.