It seems like yesterday that Sergey Brin and Larry Page posted the sign outside their Menlo Park, California garage stating “Google Worldwide Headquarters”, but once you do the math you realize that day in 1998 is over 12 years ago. Now we “Google” everything from Apple Orchards to local Zoos. We know a lot about how Google became verb in languages across the globe and with a stock price hovering around $600 per share, success has obviously followed.

apple-googleAccording to the Bloomberg documentary series Game Changers, Brin and Page interviewed 12-13 candidates to become the companies first CEO, but really didn’t like any of them. After an informal meeting with their hero Steve Jobs, Brin and Page wanted to hire the Apple CEO for Google. We are not sure if they actually offered Jobs the position, needless to say that desire did not come to fruition.  Brin and Page instead hired current CEO Eric Schmidt whose personality is at the other end of the spectrum of Jobs.

As history will have it, Steve jobs resurrected Apple with the iPhone being a huge part of the equation and Google developed the Android operating system, defining a path the finds both companies being ultra successful. The companies relationship is one of love-hate with Apple using Google as their default search engine on their iOs devices,  while at the same time being mobile OS competitors.

It’s interesting to think about how the course of history at these two companies would have been different if Brin and Page did in fact hire Steve Jobs as their first CEO. Would it be the Google iPhone? Would Apple have experienced the renaissance they have experienced or would if have dwindled?

How do you think the hiring of Jobs at Google would have changed the technology landscape? I know it would all be speculation so let’s not argue with each other in the comments but have some fun with our imaginations.