Android Pay is almost ready to launch, but don’t expect Google Wallet to disappear once it does. The original mobile payments service is set to pivot into peer-to-peer payments with a new app that just became available.

The new Google Wallet is designed to make it as easy as possible to send money to a friend. Just type out the amount you want to pay or request and pick a name. Your friend doesn’t even need a Google Wallet account, just an email address. You can also cash out with a single tap, though it’s unclear how long it takes for the money to land in your bank account.

Basically, this is Google’s version of Venmo or Square Cash. The search giant faces some tough competition, though it isn’t starting from scratch. Sending money to friends was already one of Google Wallet’s best features, so the new app should be launching with a built-in user base.

The new Google Wallet also lets you manage your Wallet Card if you’re still using one. The card connects to your account and lets you pay at any location where a debit MasterCard would work. You can even use it at an ATM.

You can grab the new app now via the source link below. As for Android Pay, Google says it’s “coming soon.”