Google recently updated its Google Wallet for iOS application to reflect some of the changes it has already made on Android. The update is available now, and Google said it was “completely rebuilt” around one idea: sending and receiving money.

Google Wallet is now the company’s take on similar services offered by PayPal, Facebook and Venmo. After adding a credit or debit card, you can easily send and request money from friends. Maybe you’re splitting the check at a restaurant, for example, or maybe your friend covered the cost of a hotel room at a wedding and now you’re paying him or her back. These apps are perfect for those situations — no more searching for ATMs or dealing with “I’ll pay you later” excuses.

Once you’ve received money in your Google Wallet, you can cash out right to your bank account. It usually takes a day or so, but it’s free when transferring to your bank.

The update is available now. And don’t be shocked if you notice that loyalty cards and gift cards are gone. Remember, those are part of Android Pay now.