Google’s conversational voice search engine is starting to roll out in the latest version of Chrome, though some features are still missing. We just updated our Chrome browser to version 27.0.1453.93 and gave it a quick whirl, but found that it hasn’t changed that much from the voice search that was already available.

When we clicked the Google Search microphone we were prompted to speak our search query in a new UI. We asked where the Empire State building was and it quickly brought up a map and provided an audible response. However, the “conversation” part seems to be lacking still; when we switched our search to “how tall is it?” referring to the Empire State building, it simply provided results for the query and didn’t provide the actual height.

We also noticed that “Ok Google” doesn’t automatically prompt for voice search just yet and that the service is still rather buggy. We were frequently told we didn’t have an Internet connection, for example. Still, we imagine that the full conversational voice search functionality will roll out over the coming weeks and months with new updates to Chrome and we’re excited to see it gain added features.