Almost half a year ago, Apple made a controversial move wherein they blocked Google Voice applications from the App Store and removed any traces that slipped through.  The move prompted the FCC to intervene, pressing each company with a series of questions in an effort to instill a little transparency among the Apple, Google, and AT&T.  Instead, they all returned predictable PR statements that led nowhere except Apple telling Google to take Voice to the browser.

Sure enough, almost six months later, Google has rolled out a browser capable web application that is accessible at  Although the mobile web app is best tailored for the iPhone and Pre, any HTML5 browser is capable of accessing Google Voice.  Pre users should be able to find several apps through Palm’s App Catalog but if you’re finding those insufficient, hop into the browser.  iPhone users, you’re stuck with this until Apple gets around to fixing its App Store policies.


The mobile app brings much of the same functionality you’d expect for a custom application.  You get full access to free SMS messaging, transcribed voicemails, and of course making calls.  Apparently your outgoing call history is a little messy, showing random numbers and not the contact you called.  It’s as good as we’re going to get without natively produced applications.  As Google suggests, iPhone users can add web app bookmarks to the home screen, essentially playing the roll of native app icons.  Swing by and check out Google’s video walkthrough.

If you use Google Voice, have you already climbed onboard?  Any Pre users out there dying for an application more suited than those in the App Catalog?  Let us know in the comments!