It’s been well over a year since Apple’s rejection of Google Voice into the App Store prompted an FCC probe into Apple and AT&T’s partnership.AT&T made it clear they have nothing to do with App Store approvals and Apple insisted that they hadn’t actually rejected Google’s official app.Since their statements, nothing has come of the Google Voice apps that were pulled and the Google’s official app – if Apple is to be believed – remains in limbo.Yesterday’s App Store guidelines seems to be a turnaround for developers, Google Voice included.

Among the GV apps approved by Apple and then later removed from the App Store was GV Mobile, developed by Sean Kovacs.It was one of the first and most successful and after the App Store ban, he took his app to the jailbreak scene.Kovacs reached out to Apple yesterday after they revealed their App Store guidelines and while he received no response in the past, Apple invited him to resubmit his application.He tweeted:


InformationWeek reached out to Google to see if they had plans to resubmit the app that they sent in for approval last summer but Google says they’ve got nothing new to announce at this time.If Kovacs’ GV Mobile app is again welcome in the App Store, it seems likely Google will follow suit if for no other reason than to appease those who ask for something official beyond the HTML5 web app currently available.

Whether the Apple rep who responded to Kovacs was misinformed or not will likely be revealed in the coming days as the app is either accepted under Apple’s public guidelines or rejected again, facing yet another backlash for its walled garden approach.

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