There are a lot of reasons to get excited about USB Type-C, and with more companies adopting the technology, the future is closer than ever. Google is already including it in its brand new Chromebook Pixel and, according to the firm’s product manager Adam Rodriguez, it’s set to hit Android phones soon, too.

Google on Wednesday released a video talking about why USB Type-C is so great (it’s reversible, it can transfer data and power your devices simultaneously, etc.), making a point to mention that your next Android phone will include the new port. Google, of course, doesn’t say which Android phones will sport the port, but can you imagine? Your next Nexus will more than likely include USB Type-C, and that’s a very exciting thought.

“We at Google are very committed to the USB Type-C spec,” Rodriguez said. “Expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future.”

Imagine how this will play out for the future of your devices. Now your laptop, tablet and phone can be charged and synced with the same cable. That’ll get your unruly cable drawer—I have one, and it’s awful—under control, making us all a little more sane. It’ll be awhile before USB Type-C overtakes the ugly mess of USB’s current situation, but we at least have something to look forward to. That is until everything goes wireless.