Called Uptime, the app lets friends watch YouTube videos together. You can see how far along someone is in a particular video and there’s also a chat function to comment on the video. It pretty much brings all the elements of watching a YouTube video with friends into on centralized hub.

The app lets you share videos with any number of friends. A limit to the amount of people you can share videos was not disclosed, but screenshots shows a video sent to 23 people. Users can also label the video they send to friends with a caption that lets them know what they thought of the video.

Uptime is already available on iOS. If you want it on Android, you’re going to have to wait a while. No word on when it’ll arrive on Android.

Google’s focus on employees bearing creative apps

Last year, Google launched an initiative called Area 120 meant to be an in-house incubator to develop start-up ideas. It was part of Google’s answer to the turnover rate of employees leaving to start their own companies. This gave employees the tools and resources to develop their ideas within Google. It’s a great way of giving employees an incentive to keep up the creativity while satisfying their ambitions of developing something bigger.

Uptime is one of the first apps to come out of the initiative.