Nexus 7 - Google-Play-Store

Google released the APK for an upcoming update to the Play Store today, introducing a handful of helpful tweaks and UI improvements with version 4.5.10 of the digital market place. Android Police noticed the update earlier today after relieving a tip and even dug up a link to the APK so you can upgrade your Play Store app now if you don't feel like waiting for Google to push the update out itself.

The biggest change—or at least most helpful one—is the addition of a new metric next to each app in the Play Store that lets you know if its supports in-app purchases. There's no indication of how much specific apps or charge or how often you can make purchases, but it's still a big improvement for anyone looking to avoid getting tricked into in-app payments.

The app review UI has also been improved, including a large five-star system, a layout that makes it easy to see your own review, and a few smaller changes to the color scheme and design. The Google app store now offers better recommendations by encouraging user reviews, and will bring any apps reviewed by your Google+ contacts to the top of the page. The new Play Store also includes an activity feed, letting you share your activity and view other people's feeds through an integration with Google+.