Auto Awesome is already a great feature in Google+. When you add a gallery of photos, for example, it automatically creates an “Auto Awesome” image, whether it includes an animated-style image, an auto-enhanced one, or something else. Today, Google announced two new “Auto Awesome” features.


One includes action sequences, it’s called Auto Awesome Action, and it provides an action-shot similar to what we’ve seen on the Nokia Lumia smartphones and some Android devices. If you have someone moving across the screen, for example, it will overlay several shots onto one image to show motion. A second feature, called Auto Awesome Eraser, will remove objects from a photo that might otherwise be in the way. In the image above, for example, a couple was surrounded by people in several shots, but the software was smart enough to erase everyone in this shot.

The update should launch today in Google+, and we can’t wait to check out the new Auto Awesome features.