chromebox for meetings

There are plenty of teleconferencing options out there, but Google thinks it can offer an easy to use option by simply combining some Chrome OS hardware and Hangouts. Enter Chromebox for Meetings, a $999 package that includes an ASUS Core i7 Chromebox along with a camera, a microphone and a remote control.

The pricy new system comes with everything you need—except the display—to start teleconferencing. It includes a year of free service, but every year after that costs an additional $250. The main purpose of Chromebox for Meetings is to simplify the entire process through integration with other services offered by Google. For example, scheduling is built into Google Calendar so you'll always know if the conference room is available.

Google is officially launching the new product today in the U.S. after testing it both internally and with a handful of other companies including Lytro, Gilt, SoftBank and Yelp. The new service will also make its way to Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the U.K. later this year.