Google just unveiled a special version of Android for the Internet of Things (IoT) during Google I/O 2015. It’s the same software we heard about recently, which was code named “Brillo” inside of the company, and it will be used to power connected “things” such as appliances and other household items.

The goal is to offer a simple platform for developers and customers alike. Google said it collaborated closely with the Nest team and Chrome OS team to develop the new software. Project Brillo is based on Android, but it’s been polished down significantly.

Google also unveiled the new user interface, which will let you control your smart home devices from an Android phone. Brillo is set to launch by the fourth quarter of 2015, though a developer preview should be available by Q3. By then, the company will likely be competing with Apple’s new HomeKit platform, which is set to launch later this year as well.