Today has been, in a word, Chrometastic. Not only were two ChromeBooks announced at Google I/O, but also a Chrome OS desktop with an “Aw shucks, how cute — but hey, still kind of slick” styling. Indeed, the black and metal finish of the Samsung-made ChromeBox suggests that it is serious business that’s intended for, well, businesses. Its target customer is the enterprise.

Dang it. Well, maybe it will still be available for consumers too? (Pretty please?) I too would like the option of a cool-looking net-based desktop hooked up to my various monitors. It would be like my own situation room, but on the cheap. Well, I’m guessing that it will be cheap. Details on availability and pricing haven’t been disclosed yet. But with stock parts (i.e., no wacky hardware customizations), I bet it won’t be a huge chunk of change.