Are we any closer to the consumer release of Google Glass? We're not sure. But Google has made some quiet changes to its Terms of Service that potentially indicate the company is laying the groundwork for something to come. The wording changes lead to some speculation from Glass Almanac that a price reduction is imminent.

There's a lot of legal jargon in Google's new document, most notably in a section that refers to promotional offers.

Should Google reduce its price on any Device within 30 days from the date you order it, you must contact Glass Support within 30 days of the price change to request a refund or credit for the difference between the price you were charged and the reduced price.

Google may also provide promotional offers or prices related to the sale of Devices. If so, any terms applicable to such promotional offers or prices will control in the event of a conflict with these terms.

Google has always maintained that the eventual consumer release of Glass would be cheaper than the $1,500 price Explorers need to pay in order to participate. The company's document doesn't necessarily confirm a price reduction is inbound, though it does acknowledge that that might be a possibility. When or if that happens is unclear.

The company also mentions the potential for promotional offers related to the sale of Glass. Again, Google mentioning this doesn't confirm any such offer will happen anytime soon, and it doesn't indicate whether a consumer release is imminent. Google Glass is still in that weird state where the public at large still hasn't really accepted the technology. That could change with a wider roll out—and a re-design certainly wouldn't hurt.

Finally, Glass Almanac notes that Google's new TOS no longer refers to Glass as a beta product. Analyze that how you will. Many of the changes mentioned seem to cover the many legal bases when launching a new product. It's unlikely we'll see a consumer release this year, but the new language hints that Google is slowly gearing up for a consumer release.