The introduction of Google TV this week revealed some pretty big partners that have Google’s back in the living room.  Sony, Dish Network, Logitech, Intel, Adobe, and Best Buy are all backing Google’s attempt to bring the web to your TV.  It’s unlikely, though, that cable providers will allow Google to piggyback on their service.

Cable providers, and often TV networks are best known for their stubbornness of changes in the way consumers obtain their content.  Even today as Hulu serves tens if not hundreds of thousands of ads impressions on their videos, there still remains a resistant force in pushing the platform to devices beyond ‘computers’.  It’s become quite clear that Hulu isn’t afraid to block access to certain devices that they didn’t intend Hulu to be viewable from; PS3, Xbox 360, Boxee.googtv

As Google brings their software and partners’ hardware to the fight, you can be sure the cable companies will do their best to fight the search giant every step of the way.  After all, if you’re getting your content from the web, you’re not tuning into their broadcasted content.  If the cable providers had their way, the web would have no place on your television.

Perhaps this is a war we need fought, to give consumers choice beyond what the cable companies are offering.  We should be able to view any content, through a single platform in our living rooms.  We’ll eventually make it there, whether or not Google’s able to drag them kicking and screaming.

What do you think?  Is Google in for a struggle?  Will they be able to succeed where Microsoft couldn’t?  Share your thoughts in the comments.