Google TV Fall 2011 home screen

Google has announced today that the Google TV platform is getting a major update that focuses on enhancing usability and the overall experience.

Following a lackluster initial launch, something Google even admits in its announcement, the Google TV platform is getting a major update with a primary focus on ease of use.  Pictured above is the new home screen that has been significantly simplified to make navigation far more easier.  Adding to this redefined easier motto is the addition of a new app called “TV & Movies” that will allow you to search through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other sources to find just what you’re in the mood to watch, and if you have recommendations turned on it will also suggest some things you might like.

Speaking of YouTube, the app has been redesigned to work more closely with the Google TV platform and allow you to find HD content that is relevant to your interests and easily turn it into a channel.  (You know, like tech unboxings.)

If all of these new features and improvements aren’t enough for you, the Android Market is going to be bringing a lot of new apps with it for you to enjoy your TV.  However, before you even ask, any app that has to be used on a touchscreen or use GPS or telephony technology won’t be coming over.  Google is promising, though, that a lot of apps are already being seeded in the Marketplace.

The rollout is planned to come to Sony TV sets next week  with Logitech following soon after.

Are you excited for the update?  Will it make you take a second look at the platform?

[via Google]

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