Google will make the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL official in less a week, and there are still some who believe that a third model’s joining them. Where did that idea come from? Since it’s so ridiculous, we’re not going to drop names. Just know that a small, but very vocal group, decided that, based on nothing substantial, Google has a top-secret plan.

There won’t be a ‘Pixel Ultra’ introduced, plain and simple. If you’re interested in knowing why the notch-free alternative doesn’t exist, we recommend these breakdowns from Android Police and 9to5Google. Both media outlets debunk the conspiracy at length.

In the event there isn’t a third model, the conspiracy theorists think the Pixel 3 XL will arrive without a notch at the top of its display. That’s odd because, well, literally every leak tells us Google’s using a notch. It’s all made up for attention or these people have been severely misled.

Now, let’s get back to reality. Google posted a teaser for its flagship duo that, while not taking on the conspiracy directly, pokes fun at it in the opposite direction.

The photo, which landed on Instagram this week, shows a lineup of several Pixel phones in varying sizes. There’s one normal size, but the other three are pretty small. Google wants to know what measurements a miniature Pixel should have. Of course, the Mountain View-based company won’t be releasing it. That’s the point.

Here’s what the caption reads:

“We’ve heard rumors of a mini Pixel. Which begs the question how ‘mini’ is too mini? We have a feeling the next one will be bigger than this.”

It’s a good, light-hearted jab at the false narrative pushing for a third model. Leading up to the global launch, we’ve only seen substantial evidence of two models. Yet there are YouTube personalities making claims that are too vague to take seriously and thus obviously false. Needless to say, you should block out the noise and trust well-known, reliable insiders.

Everything goes down in New York City on Tuesday, October 9. TechnoBuffalo will have live coverage throughout the day on the Pixel 3 as well as the Pixelbook 2, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub.