Google Translate is already incredibly powerful, but the service is about to become even more awesome for Android users. At a recent event, Google announced plans for a new tap-to-translate feature that works inside whatever app you’re already using.

Google noted that this is particularly helpful in India, where people often switch between English and Hindi several times per day. However, it should be useful for anyone who already relies on Google Translate to communicate with friends and colleagues from their smartphone.

“With Tap to Translate you can copy text anywhere on your Android phone and instantly get the translation, right then and there — without ever leaving the app,” the company said in an official statement. “No more copy/paste, no more app switching, just instant translations.”

It even works in third-party apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Instead of switching between your messaging service and Google Translate, you can simply highlight the text in question and instantly translate it into another language. The update should start hitting devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow early next year.