Google Translate is rolling out some pretty big changes this week for both Android and iOS. The latest update includes one-tap translations on Android and offline support for iPhones.

A new Tap to Translate feature for Android makes it easy to translate text on your phone without constantly jumping between apps. Just copy the words you don’t understand and Google will pop up automatically with a translation. This should work in any Android app assuming you’re running version 4.2 Jelly Bean or newer.

iOS users are finally getting access to offline translations, which were previously available on Android. This feature lets you translate text even without an internet connection by saving individual language packets to your phone. Google also says it slimmed down each packet to just 25MB so they take up less space on your iPhone.

Finally, Google announced that it’s adding Chinese language support to Word Lens. This feature makes it possible to point the camera at foreign text and get an instant translation.

You can grab the latest version of Google Translate for iOS or Android via the source links below, and take a closer look at the new Tap to Translate feature in this video.