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Hot on the heels of its new Maps update yesterday, Google has today made some improvements to Google Translate for Android. In addition to a fresh new look, the latest release brings support for more languages, and performance improvements that promise the make the app “quicker and easier to use.”

Google’s Josh Estelle announced the update in a Google+ post earlier today:

Google Translate Break through language barriers Android update!

Did you know that Google Translate for +Android can:

– Understand your Handwriting in 16 languages

– Understand your Voice in 20 languages

Translate between 64 languages

Speak back to you in 44 languages

We released an update today that increases the languages we support, beautifies our user interface, and makes it quicker and easier to use.

We hope you like it!

The update is already live in Google Play, so you can enjoy using it straight away. If you don’t already have Translate installed on your device, you can, of course, download it for free.

Google Translate link: Google Play