Top Charts - for blog post

Your Google search history is probably embarrassing—I don't want to know it. What about the entire world's? Less so, according to Google's own charts, which breaks search trends down by cities, movies, scientists, animals and more. The top trending food right now? Pizza. Lionel Messi currently tops the charts for soccer players. It's like a billboard breakdown of everything you care about.

Similarly broken down like Google's year-end Zeitgeist, Top Charts updates monthly in the search giant's Trends section. The rankings are powered by Google's Knowledge Graph, encompassing real-world things, and not just simple keyboards. According to Google, rankings for a team like Golden State Warriors will reflect searches such as "gs warriors," "golden state bball," and so forth.

Google also introduced a new visual trending page—Visual Hot Searches in full-screen— which you can access from the Trend homepage. There, everything that's trending will display in Google's familiar color palette, and you can even customize the layout to better suit your preferences.

The broken down billboard trends are pretty neat, and there are some less obvious categories involved. Amazon is currently above Walmart for retail companies, while Iron Man 3 is above Pitch Perfect among movies. There's also energy companies, DJs, cocktails and one chart specific for types of whiskey (but not beer).

You can see the Top Charts here.