Google_bar_screenshot kittens

Google officially confirmed its rumored new logo and app launcher today in a blog post, announcing the toolbar unifying its ecosystem of sites and services would get a noticeable redesign in the next few weeks. The classic logo will be replaced with a flattened version, while the ubiquitous black toolbar will be replaced by an app launcher.

Technical lead and manager Eddie Kessler broke the news earlier today online, explaining the purpose is to create a seamless gateway between different Google apps while providing a distraction free experience within each service. To that end, the somewhat obtrusive toolbar has been replaced by an almost-invisible three-by-three grid that sits in the top right corner. Click the grid and a menu of Google apps will present themselves.

With the new update comes the redesigned Google logo as well, which was spotted earlier this month in an Android Chrome Browser APK. Besides the flatter look of the new design, the letters also look somewhat less bright, and the embossing-effect is completely gone. It should be interesting to see if Google makes any other changes to its desktop design as the new rollout begins in the coming weeks.