Google Play on Google TV

Google is ready to move on from the Google TV branding three years after its first attempt at dominating the living room. Moving on from its perceived failure, Google instead will turn to Android to continue the charge into the smart TV market space. The company has yet to confirm anything, but whisperings from inside the company are suggesting a major change

GigaOM is reporting that “an executive from a consumer electronics manufacturer” has confirmed that Google will be rebranding its television aspirations as “Android TV.”

Sony and other partners of Google TV have also stopped referencing it by its official name when introducing new products. Even within Google, spokespeople are slipping through online profiles or when making events like one planned in Seoul referred to as “Android TV Developer Day.”

With the rapid rise in popularity of Android around the world, the name change would make sense. One of the largest criticisms of Google TV is how it falls behind quickly and does not update often enough to keep up with the rest of the Android market. Google had promised to update Google TV with Android 4.2.2 back in May, and that is possibly finally panning out on Monday.

Up to date Android and all the recognition the name brings, not to mention a possible tie-in with the popular Chromecast, could make this be one name change that could turn around Google’s misfortunes in the TV world.