Google is reportedly looking to enter the world of console gaming, according to The Information, in a bid to compete with services like PlayStation Now and Nvidia's GeForce Now. The search giant's service will reportedly be accessed through a Google-made console and be completely subscription based, allowing users to play some of today's biggest AAA titles.

It's unclear what shape Google's gaming console will take, but it's not hard to imagine it being similar to something like Nvidia's Shield TV, which acts a set-top box for movies and TV, and also features a heavy emphasis on gaming.

Google's project, known internally as Yeti, is allegedly being helmed by Mario Queiroz and Majd Baker, the latter of whom was heavily involved in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Adding weight to the rumor is Google's recent hiring of Phil Harrison, who is a former vice president of Microsoft and also worked as a director at Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

The Information claims Yeti was close to launching last year before Google decided to push the service back. The console designed to access the service has reportedly gone through several iterations, including an Android-based version that failed to gain steam among executives.

With a gaming console, Google would have yet another avenue into your home. It would also see the search giant compete in an industry valued at over $100 billion. If we do see Google release Yeti, expect something to be unveiled at I/O this summer.