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Google just wrapped up its big Nexus press conference in San Francisco, where it unveiled the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P, the new Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, the Pixel C and more. But it's not done with its announcements. The company recently invited press to another event in New York City on Wednesday, October 7.

Google's finished with its device announcements, however. Instead, the company will unveil "a new open source initiative for the mobile Web." Re/code believes this will be Google's news application that will compete with Facebook Instant Articles. "Google would cull articles from cached versions on search, rather than hosting it themselves, and would release it as an open source tool to other platforms," Re/code explained.

Two of Facebook's Instant Articles partners, The Guardian and The New York Times are apparently also partnered with Google. How it will work, and what it means to consumers, will likely be unveiled next week.