Google will spend time talking about responsibility at its I/O conference this week, as the search giant attempts to further address smartphone addiction. According to The Washington Post, Google will detail controls designed to help individuals and family members better manage the time they spend staring at their phone.

The Washington Post doesn’t detail exactly how Android P’s new emphasis on time management will work. However, the controls will reportedly build on Google’s Family Link, a feature that allowed parents to control how much time their children could spend on apps. The feature also makes it simple for parents to remotely lock a child’s device.

Smartphone usage has risen significantly over the past several years as these devices become more accessible. They’re with us all the time, whether we’re standing in line at the grocery store or walking down the street. Because they provide instant gratification to social networks, music, videos, and communication, they’re a central part of our existence.

One thing that’s helped me keep my smartphone usage at bay is to better manage my notifications. Having a silent phone means I’m not constantly harassed by likes, emails, or phone calls.

We’ll have more details when Google takes the stage on Tuesday. Frankly, any feature that helps limit smartphone usage is welcome.

In addition to a focus on responsibility, The Washington Post claims Google will also introduce updates to Google Assistant. The artificial intelligence is said to gain more interactive features, making it even smarter and helpful at performing searches and answering questions.