Google probably knows a lot about your next vacation, from the plane tickets you booked to the hotel room you reserved. All that info is likely stored in Gmail and other Google services. Now the company is turning the information into a handy new app called Trips.

Google Trips is still in the early testing phase, but a gallery of leaked images from AndroidWorld show the app in action. It appears to aggregate all your travel info after gaining permission to view your Gmail account and other apps. Then all that data is compiled in Trips so you can easily check all the details in one place.

The app also packs in a few extra features once you reach your destination. There’s a list of recommended activities divided up into categories. Google Trips even includes information on how to get around, including public transportation info, traffic updates, and details on how to walk or bike through a specific city.

Google Trips is currently being testing by select local guides who already provide info for Google Maps. It could be a while before the app gets an official launch, but by the time your next vacation comes around, Trips may be ready to go.