Google I:O 2014 Android One 2

Earlier this week Google announced Android One, its plan to unify the sea of low cost Android handsets available in emerging markets around the world. The search giant described the program as a set of hardware and software guidelines for budget smartphones, but it didn’t actually specify what those guidelines would be. Now we’re learning a bit more thanks to a report from DigiTimes, which claims Google is working with Taiwan-based chip-maker MediaTek to develop its Android One platform.

Tapping MediaTek, which supplies processors for lots of smartphones in Asia but hasn’t really broken into the Western market, makes sense. The chip-maker already has close relationships with phone-makers in the region, and the two companies have apparently been working together for the past six months. The source also claims Google might ask MediaTek to work on Android tablets and Android TV in the future, depending on how the partnership works out.

According to DigiTimes, Google also demoed one of its first Android One devices at I/O this week. The 4.5-inch smartphone from Indian vendor Micromax reportedly offers a dual-SIM slot and one of MediaTek’s dual-core processor. It’s unclear when this device, or any other Android One handsets, will actually hit the market.