The time has come for developers to get serious about application optimized for Android tablets, and Google wants to help them out.

Google released a Tablet App Quality Checklist today to assist developers with making sure they were making the best apps possible for the growing number of tablets powered by Android. While the iPad has enjoyed hundreds of thousands of apps built with the iPad in mind, Android hasn’t been having quite the same success.

This new initiative does have some motivation behind it as Google is planning to feature more tablet optimized apps in the Google Play store in the lead up to holiday season. To do this, there are going to need to be enough apps to fill these boutiques stores, and those can only come from the developers. The success of companies that have optimized for tablets was also stressed, so there is definitely a big push to finally bring the slates up to par with the phones, but will it be enough? We’ll just have to wait and see.

[via Android Developers Blog]