Google on Tuesday said Street View has now moved into its 50th country. The service launched in both Hungary and Lesotho, and Google also announced it's ramping up coverage significantly in Poland and Romania, among other locations. The update—Google said today's is the single largest its ever pushed out—expands new imagery for 350,000 miles in 14 different countries.

Google has vastly expanded Street View since the service's launch in 2007. Early on the company had only conquered five U.S. cities—Street View has covered over five million miles since then. Tuesday's update now includes Portugal's Pena National Palace, the Sha Tin Che Kung Temple in Hong Kong and the Kilkenny Castle in Ireland, all of which were captured using Google's Street View Trike.

Street View recently came under fire after the public found Google was collecting private Wi-Fi data in Germany while mapping out streets. One data regulator in Germany, Johannes Caspar, called Google's misdeeds, "one of the biggest data protection rules violations known." Before that, Street View brought the world horrifying imagery from Fukushima's Exclusion Zone in Japan.