The Street View team at Google Maps has found its way into some interesting locations over the last year. The ever expanding comprehensive maps experience can take you to UNESCO World Heritage sites you'd probably never go to in real life, and even provide a full 360 degree panorama hike through the Grand Canyon. Now Google has taken its Trekker camera into yet another facet of American culture: the heart of an NFL football stadium.

Google teamed up with the Indianapolis Colts to bring a full virtual tour of Lucas Oil Stadium, one of the more popular stadiums in the league. The Street View team's tour leads to areas typically inaccessible to fans, such as observation suites and the locker rooms. It even captured a full 360-degree image of the area surrounding the entrance tunnel, which runs directly onto the field and through the endzone.

Lucas Oil Stadium first opened in 2008 when the team reached the height of its re-surging popularity thanks to future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning leading the team to a record number of consecutive winning series. It replaced the old RCA Dome and is seen as an emergence of the city on the national scale. Super Bowl XLVI was also held there last year.

It's only been two weeks since the Super Bowl, and I'm already feeling the itch for another football season. Hopefully Google teams up with a few other popular franchises and can map out other great stadiums. I hear Foxborough, Massachusetts has a nice stadium owned by Gillette, and mapping it out would please quite a few fans around the country.

Check out the tour here on Google Maps.